Exercise Programs

Here’s how it works:

  1. We begin with a 30min in person (or skype) consultation. We discuss your goals and abilities.
  2. Every 2 weeks you are sent your next two weeks of programming. This keeps you from looking too far ahead!
  3. Every week we check in with you! We will make adjustments to the programming based on how you are progressing.

Cost: $399+HST for 3 months (This works out to $125 per month)

If you feel you need more in person consultations throughout the process, you can purchase and extra session for $49+HST

Add on any Eatreal4life nutrition plan for 10% off!

With 7 years of programming under our belt we have experience programming for CrossFit, Gym Programming, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Hockey (Off-Ice), Football, Weight loss, Muscle-gain etc….

For more information email eatreal4life@gmail.com or send a Facebook message through the Eatreal4life Facebook page.


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